My father reset my brain with beating, when I wanted to drop out

Yul Edochie Drop out

Nollywood hunk, Yul Edochie, has said his dad reset his cerebrum with beating when he needed to drop out of school at Junior Optional School, JSS, II.

Yul’s dad is the straightforward taskmaster Nollywood veteran, Pete Edochie, prevalently called Okonkwo. Yul Edochie’s tweet of the episode set off amusing responses from his supporters.

He reacted to some on the tweet that has more than 8,000 retweets and in excess of 31,000 preferences.

While some Twitter clients commended Pete Edochie for utilizing bar to address his kid’s dream, others were against beating a youngster. Be that as it may, many were amusing.

Pete Edochie


Yul Edochie had tweeted: “In JS2, I advised my dad I would not like to go to class any longer.

That he should open an electrical shop for me. “He said alright. He welcomed me to his room, bolted the entryway and pulled out his belt. He beat the hell out of me that reset my mind to processing plant setting.

“Take a gander at me today. Much thanks to you Father!”

At that point the responses began pouring in. @AyoBankole pondered: “See this man went to tell Pete Edochie that he wouldn’t like to go to class. Not RMD o, Dad Okonkwo! Pete Edochie wey execute Ikemefuna?” @femii_dapson was in stun:

“You get mind ooo. I can’t change the channel if Pete Edochie is on television.” @JustinUg_ for all intents and purposes shouted:

“Do you comprehend the boldness, mind, impudence, the desire, the basic reasoning, compassion and compassion it’ll take for you to remain before Pete Edochie and state to him you need to drop out?

“Lmfaooo? The divine beings must shake! Ok!” @UgwunnaEjikem: “Yul Edochie said as a kid, he told his dad he didn’t wanna go to class any longer.

“I couldn’t care less about the remainder of the essence. In any case, high school Yul more likely than not had big brass balls to strongly reveal to Pete that.

“I can’t converse with Pete Edochie at any rate from behind my television screen.” Answering to Edochie’s tweet, @The Igbo Wolf stated:

“It’s not bizarre for a 14-year-old, who educated in the East to need to open a shop. “There are different approaches to have spoken or occupied you from that two seconds dream.

Since as children we as a whole had these musings and can be pushed the correct way without beating.” @Leo answered @Igbo Wolf: “Pete did so in light of the fact that he sees his child doing more noteworthy things later on.

“Furthermore, is there any valid reason why he won’t lash circuit tester shop out if his head, since he could bear the cost of his child’s training?” @MelVIN answered Wear: Imagine a scenario where beating him didn’t work?” In any case, @Don Wear included his voice.

“This is in reality obvious. Yet, a dad settled on a choice to utilize and shape his kid, which he’s presently pleased with now, you’re exhorting he ought to have attempted different methods.

Imagine a scenario where nothing else was going to work?” For @Joel Amartey answering The Igbo Wolf:

“Each parent recognizes what’s best for their children. You all stay here and are telling individuals here how they should bring up their children.

@Eziechina chibuike reaction: “However it was done, the fact is that his dad figured out how to fix his future.

The end legitimizes the methods.” Others utilized the chance to praise Pete Edochie for his utilization of African sayings. Gbemi Denis, answering to Yul’s post, stated:

“Give us one adage he revealed to you that prior day or after the beating.

That is to say, we are discussing Pete Edochie here nah.” @Cole_Mayor answered Denis and Yul: “A youngster can play with the mother’s bosom, however not the dad’s balls.

Presently rests!” @Andrew Whenton’s post: “When one’s goat gets missing, the smell of the neighbor’s soup gets suspicious.”

Different tweets about the beating Yul Edochie got from his dad: “I can envision your dad saying something like ‘if a log of wood falls inside the waterway and remain long enough there, it begins considering itself a crocodile.

“I am the leader of this house and you will do what I need, which is you come back to class or get relinquished to Amadioha.”

“When you come out from the room after the whipping and your mother sees you and yells

“Chi’m ooooh… ” your father: Calm lady… lions don’t bring forth goats, and each child takes after his dad.”

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